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Coming to Wholehearted Voice

Reunion of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

An Online Group Facilitated by Sally Patton, Ed.M. and Sajit Greene, M.A. (to start again in the fall 2017)

(For students of the modern-day teachings of Jesus/Jeshua such as: A Course in Miracles; A Course of Love; The Way of Mastery; and other channeled teachings from Him.)

In this dream of separation, the Divine Feminine strengths of emotional sensitivity, intuitive knowing, and the nurturance of life and co-creative relationships have been devalued and suppressed for thousands of years. At the same time, the voice of the Divine Masculine has been distorted into the fear-based expressions that gave rise to patriarchy. The distorted masculine uses power as a form of domination. Now this distorted shadow side of patriarchy, hidden under the veneer of civility, is being fully exposed so that it can be dissolved into the light. This is possible because the voice of the Divine Feminine is no longer silent.

We are being called to trust fully in God’s love instead of succumbing to the anxiety and fear being  triggered by the current climate of bigotry, hatred and violence.  For the first time the vibrational energy and level of awareness of many is conducive to a balanced expression of the strengths, ways of knowing, and ways of being of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are called to bring them into harmony and fuller expression, within ourselves as individuals, and within the collective. This is essential to our personal and planetary process of awakening to Unity Consciousness.

Please join us to dialogue and share your personal experience in moving out of patriarchy and into the awakened union of Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Group Process: We’ve all been impacted by patriarchy AND we each have access to the love, strength, and wisdom inherent in the Divine Feminine and Masculine. In our group sessions, you will be invited to speak from your heart as you reflect on your personal experiences. All feelings are welcome. Even our most painful experiences, both personal and collective, can be seen anew with the eyes of love and forgiveness.  As we get to know and trust each other over the next six months, the group will evolve into a co-creative process. We look forward to deep connection, opening, and illumination as we hear the voice of the Divine coming through each of our voices.

Group meets online via Zoom

Each group session will be 2 hours

Start Date: to start again in the fall 2017

Time: 6:00 pm EST; 5:00 CST; 4:00 pm MST; 3:00 PST

Access:  via Zoom

Who this group is for:

People of any gender identification who desire to:

  • Experience their wholeness by integrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

  • Freely speak from a unified heart and mind, in dialogue with friends of the heart

You should be familiar with the principles and language found within at least one of the following modern-day teachings of Jesus/Jeshua such as: A Course in Miracles; A Course of Love; The Way of Mastery; and other channeled teachings from Him, so that we share a common foundation of understanding.

Please click here to learn more about my co-facilitator, Sajit Greene.

Upon registration you will receive Group guidelines and links to resources.

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